Disc Prolapse Treatment in Ayurveda

Rudraksha Ayurvedic Hospital: Ayurvedic Treatment for Spine Problem in Dehradun

Disc Prolapse Treatment in Ayurveda – The spine acts as a crucial support system which is responsible for the perfect moments of our body and nowadays Rudraksha Ayurveda has numerous Ayurvedic Treatment for Spine Problem (Disc Prolapse). It is located at the center on our back and it provides support to the entire body. It is only the spine which operates our body to stand or sit straight, bend and establish a connection among all parts of skeleton such as legs, head, arms, chest, and pelvis etc. The spine is a combination of bones, discs and elastic ligaments. Spine has enough flexibility which helps the body to perform several physical activities.

Rudraksha Ayurveda: Right Information is Your Right

People have different perceptions of spinal problems. A heap of few unprofessional practitioners claims that home remedies provided by them can remove the spinal problems. Along with that they widely spread rumors about the spinal disease and bone problems. But professional doctors refuse the causes given by those so-called clinicians. The patient can be strayed due to this wrong knowledge. That is the reason, Rudraksha Ayurveda providing awareness by a team of expert doctors to assist the patients with factual and accurate knowledge pertaining to spine problems.

Rudraksha Ayurveda: Offering Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc Prolapse (Slipped disc)

Rudraksha Ayurveda has brought the Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc Prolapse at the affordable prices for sufferers of disc problems. Disc prolapsed is also known as “herniated” or “slipped”. It is the condition which disturbs the regular operation and activities of our spine. There is no hyperbole to say that a disc prolapse can be more critical and even lethal if it doesn’t get treatment on time. The spine can face more other problems such as degeneration of disc, bulges in disc or thinning. These are the several problems which spine can face except Disc Prolapse. It takes place when disc changes its position and nerves appear out of the original location. A little pressure on those nerves leads us to an unbearable pain. At Rudraksha Ayurveda there is an Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc Prolapse (Slipped disc) available.

Causes of Spine Problems

  • A major or minor accident/injury.
  • A strenuous weight bearing as athletes perform weight lifting, heavy weight workout, weight training etc.
  • Due to long bike driving on the rugged and knobby roads as it increases the chances of jerks.
  • Putting on extra body weight and fat.
  • Bad habits of Smoking and drinking.
  • Age factor can also be the reason for various spinal problems.

Ayurveda stated that above factors are responsible for slip discs and other spine hurdles one can face. Although there are a bunch of surgical treatments available presently but they are risky and can burn your pocket due to the expensive treatment. After all that there will be no surety that you will be alright and free from the spine pain you are suffering already. But Rudraksha Ayurveda aims to find the root of the problem and then heal it naturally for endowing you a lifetime relief. At Rudraksha Ayurveda, you can find the best hospital for slip disc treatment in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Here you can get guaranteed slipped disc treatment in Ayurveda with our best well-qualified Ayurveda doctors.

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