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Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fistula in Dehradun

Fistula Treatment in Ayurveda – Anal Fistula is one of the common diseases and Rudraksha Ayurveda is going to navigate you through the ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula. Ayurveda is an ancient science which heals the ailing through herbs and natural remedies. Goers of this science say “when we avoid a healthy lifestyle and adopt unhealthy diet and drugs, we suffer from disease”. To state it in simple words, this body is a gift of nature; we should embellish this by natural things. Among all the common disease humanitarian comes across the anal fistula. By endowing the lucrative knowledge of this disease, Rudraksha Ayurvedic Hospital will walk you through the ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in Dehradun.

Although there are numerous treatments available for this disease, Ayurveda can cure this for permanent. The health of our body is directly pertaining to the digestive system, so you need to consolidate your digestive system first to get rid of the bad effects of diseases.

What is Anal Fistula (Fistula-in-Ano)?

It is a condition which takes place when an extra opening of anus appears along with a natural opening. In this ailment (anal fistula), an external opening is formed around the anus. An amount of pus flows continuously from the external opening and the patient suffers from an intolerable pain. Anal Fistula (Fistula-in-Ano) often becomes a major health problem, due to no proper treatment, and resultant, it becomes a serious problem and an abscess after a period of time. Ignorance of anal fistula can be the main reason for cancer. Avoiding the symptoms related to fistula can cause intestinal TB and other major health issues. Ostensibly, due to the advent of ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in Ano, the fistula treatment (Fistula-in-Ano) has become more relieved for the patients.

Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment: Anal Fistula in Ano
  • The patient experiences very sharp pain in the rectum, which increases more while sitting.
  • There may be itching can be felt around the anus.
  • The sufferer can observe inflammation at the anal area.
  • Gradually, the skin turns red and it can burst. An amount of pus or bleeding can occur there.
  • The patient suffers from constipation and feels pain during stools.

If you notice any symptom among the mentioned above, consult with us:

Find Best Ayurvedic Doctor for Fistula Treatment in Dehradun

Apart from chemically manufactured medicines & painful surgeries, Rudraksha Ayurveda is serving its patients with Ayurvedic Fistula Treatment in Dehradun. Rudraksha Ayurveda is endowing an effective healing procedure to anal fistula patients by the diagnosis of proper natural medicines with no side effects. Our medicines prevent the symptoms of fistula and remove the entire ailment from its root. We have a vast range of remedies which cure the anal fistula by the miraculous consequences of herbs. The best Ayurvedic doctors for fistula at Rudraksha Ayurvedic Hospital begin treatment from step one of preventing and removing the infection for the first. The days pass, you will start feeling less pain as the herbs start the healing process. It will build your immunity which will be responsible to make your body capable to cure the disease by itself.

At Rudraksha Ayurvedic Hospital, you can find the top ayurvedic doctors for fistula treatment in Dehradun, Uttarakhand at most affordable prices. Consult today with the top Ayurveda doctors at Rudraksha Ayurvedic Hospital & get cure from Anal Fistula (Fistula in Ano) with Ksharasutra therapy (treatment with herbal ayurvedic medicines).

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